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"When governments fear the people, there is Liberty. When people fear the government, there is Tyranny." - Thomas Jefferson

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       Drunk driving should be illegal. 

      Outside of a few political zealots that I’ve met, there are very few people who would disagree with that statement.

      However, a person should not be arrested and incarcerated simply because, after having had a couple beers after work, they had the bad luck of being pulled over for Improper Lane Change by a cop who is trying to meet his quota of arrests for the week.

       Most people know that .08 is the legal limit for adults. What many don’t know, however, is that – under the “DUI – Less Safe” law - you can be arrested, prosecuted and convicted for having no more than a single drink in your system. All that is required for this conviction is for a police officer to say that he saw you briefly cross over a line, and that he believed this infraction was brought about by the consumption of alcohol.

       If you’re under 21, then none of these details really matter, since a single drink is all that is required to have you locked up for DUI, anyways.

       If you have been arrested for a DUI, then give me a call.

       If you have NOT been arrested for DUI, then just remember that – if the scenario arises – do not agree to take any roadside tests. Once the police have asked you to step out of your car and perform these tests, then you’re probably going to jail, anyways. All you are doing now is just providing them with potential evidence.