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      This plant’s recreational use is legal in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Alaska and in the nation’s capitol. Multiple other states permit its use for medicinal purposes (Georgia's recently passed HB1 law is a sad farce of legalization, though).

      However, in Georgia, the possession of a joint can result in up to a year in prison. Prosecutors and police will glibly state that prison time rarely takes place, and that it is much more common to be given probation for this charge. This is true. Instead of jail time, you will be granted what counties seem to believe is the light punishment of probation, which means that you will have the government fully involved with your life for up to a year.

         You will regularly report to a government employee so that they can be told how things are going in your life. You will be required to tell this person where you are going and why you are going there. You will be required to urinate in a cup when told to do so. You will surrender all Fourth Amendment rights, which means you can be searched at any time by this individual (or many other government enforcers). And, if you slip up on any of these requirements, you can be thrown in jail, anyways, as a probation violation.

         But, hey, at least you’re not in jail. So I suppose it’s not that a big of a deal.

         If you disagree with that statement, and would prefer not to be put on probation (or put in jail), then give me a call.

         As a believer that what you do with your body is your decision, I am a vigorous advocate for people charged with any other drug offense, as well.