The Liberty Law Office of Jason Wilson

"When governments fear the people, there is Liberty. When people fear the government, there is Tyranny." - Thomas Jefferson

Providing legal representation for those accused of a crime, as well as all others involved in the snare of the legal system.

      I view my role in the legal world to be that of an advocate of Libertarian values and beliefs. What exactly does that mean? It means I believe that the American government has become too big and too intrusive, and it has far too many people wrapped up in the institution that has become known as the Prison-Industrial Complex. Between the probation agencies, the bond companies, and the nearly-bankrupt counties and cities struggling to make some extra money - our government has a strong financial interest in keeping you within this system.

      My job is to help you stay out of that mess. Or, if we can't do that, then I will try to make your time within it as easy as possible. So if you're a victim of Drug Prohibition, or have been charged with a different type of offense, then let me help you. I can't promise an acquittal, but I can promise that I'll be doing everything that I possibly can to reach the best possible resolution for your case. I also specialize in the defense of people charged with Prostitution, an offense that I view as being in the same quasi-crime category as Drug Possession, since both activities lack that essential criminal element of a Victim.

      And I don't only deal with those charged with crimes. I also help tenants who are being wrongfully evicted by their landlords, as well as landlords who need to evict tenants that are violating their leases (because Libertarian or not, you still have to pay your rent). I don't handle many personal injury cases, as I'm not a keen fan of chasing ambulances, but I do handle a wide variety of clients in a wide variety of situations. 

       I work primarily in Athens, Atlanta and Gwinnett, as well as the northern counties of White, Gilmer and anywhere else in the Appalachian area. I am flexible with my fees - especially when dealing with marijuana cases. 

      So if you need some help, give me a call and I'll see what I can do.